In demand tech and skills in Manchester

In demand tech and skills in Manchester

Similarly, to London, other areas in the UK are suffering from a skills shortage in the technology industry, including Birmingham, Leeds, Yorkshire and Manchester. The issue stems from larger companies offering tech workers more money to work for them so smaller companies aren’t gaining the talent they need to grow. However, it has also been reported that the lack of tech talent starts at schools and to resolve this will take around 5 – 10 years.

The impact of the skills shortage in the tech industry is affecting productivity, employee morale and the ability to deliver projects in the workplace. Therefore, we have put together some in demand tech skills in Manchester.

Top 5 in demand tech skills in Manchester

  1. Developers

Developers are in demand across the whole of the UK in major cities. Developers are responsible for designing, installing, testing and maintaining systems for software, the web and mobiles. Companies are in need of developers due to how fast technology is growing and the demand for online businesses. They will need developers to build apps, websites and create software to help them streamline their business. Some of the skills needed to become a developer are Java, PHP, HTML5, CSS and more.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the building of machines that are able to carry out tasks in a manner which is smart. Machine Learning is an application of Artificial intelligence which is used to tell computers how to use data to make a decision or perform a task more efficiently. It is something that is becoming increasingly popular globally and is growing and being implemented into our daily lives. The skills needed to work in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are basic programming skills such as Python, C++, Java etc., as well as solid mathematic and algorithm knowledge and some experience and knowledge on robotics and physics.

  1. Cyber Security

Cyber security roles are in demand as there is an increase in attacks by hackers who want to steal customer information. When data breaches occur, it can be very costly for companies to fix and recover from. Therefore, it is critical that companies keep their networks secure. The skills needed to get a job in cyber security are programming knowledge, risk analysis, cloud security, a deep understanding of how hackers work and problem-solving skills.

  1. Data Science

Data science is seen as obtaining insights and information about data by using tools such as algorithms and Machine Learning. Data scientists allow companies to make better data driven decisions and are key in industries such as finance, banking and healthcare. The skills that a data scientist would need are knowledge in coding languages, SQL database and data visualisation.

  1. Data Engineers

Data engineers transform data into a useful, easier format for analysis. Data engineering is a broad field, so individuals do not need to know a whole spectrum of skills to enter the industry. They differ to data scientists as data scientists usefully focus on a few key areas. Essentially, data engineers build the infrastructure that data scientists rely on to conduct their work. The skills data engineers would need are knowledge on databases and SQL, Machine learning Analytics skills such as HBase, Hive or MapReduce.

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